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Best and Effective Solution for Your Dry Eye Problem in Mumbai

dry eye
Very often we find our eyes turning red, watery and heavy by the end of the day. This is frequently associated with headaches, neck strains and backaches. The eyes might feel gritty almost as if some sand has fallen into them. It becomes difficult to look at bright lights. One can find it difficult to focus and concentrate while working on computers and reading. Doubling of vision can further make one miserable.

Between the eyelids and the eye surface (the conjunctiva and the cornea) there is a coupling fluid called the ocular surface providing lubrication, nutrition and protection.
In a number of conditions this tear film becomes deficient. Either not enough natural tears are being produced by the eye or the tears are evaporating more than required or both these issues are coexisting leading to a severe imbalance in the tear cycle.

Tear are secreted by the lacrimal glad and several small glands in our eyelid.
Inflammatory conditions of the lids such as crusting, dandruff or blockage of the minute lid gland ductules with lipids or pus, and eye lid deformities that do not allow the lids to close well can lead to tear deficiency. 
Meibomian Gland Dysfunction
Blepharitis : Crust seen at lid margin

Acute and Chronic inflammations of the lacrimal glands severely reduce tear production as damage to the glandular tissue reduces its capability to secrete tears. Allergies and skin acne can also contribute to decreased tear production.
Normally we blink about 16 times a minute without our knowledge, this blink rate decreases during any act of concentration such as reading or working on computers leading to evaporation of the tear film. Air conditioners with strong air blowers accelerate evaporation.
Very hot and dusty environment also contribute to allergy which leads to dry eyes.
Contact lens wear and certain eye surgeries like LASIK can lead to reversible dry eyes.
Vitamin A deficiency and certain drugs can reduce tear production.

A visit to the eye doctor / ophthalmologist will help come to the right diagnosis.

Some special simple tests like :
    dry eye

    dry eye

  • TEAR FILM BIOCHEMISTRY ANALYSIS in selective cases might be required.
The ophthalmologist will prescribe certain eye drops and tablets.
Special type of eye wear / frames might be suggested.
Warm compresses, lid hygiene and eye exercises might need to be done on a regular basis.

Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) is a group of eye and vision related problems caused due to excessive, uninterrupted focusing of the eye on the computer screen or smart phones for an extended period of time.

Eye strain, Headache, dry eyes and Difficulty in focussing on to objects. Burning, stinging and increased sensitivity to light.

Uncorrected refractive errors like Myopia, Hypermetropia and Presbyopia are to be corrected with help of glasses, contact lenses or Lasik. Computer glasses are designed to give maximum vision at 20 to 28 inches, this is the distance at which the computer screen is normally placed, and this is not the same as reading glasses which work best at 14 to 16 inches distance from the eye.
Anti reflective coating on the spectacle glasses and computer glare screens filter and reduce the glare from the computer screens.
Frequent blinking keeps the eyes lubricated and looking away from the computer screen at 20 minutes intervals relaxes the eye muscles thus reducing eye strain.
The computer screen should be below the eye level, the viewing angle of the monitor should be 20 degrees below eye level, the reading material should be above the keyboard below the monitor to minimise discomfort while typing, the arms, back and neck should be positioned comfortably to avoid strain.
Use of lubricating eye drops is recommended to computer users to reduce dry eyes.
The room should have good lighting but not too much brighter as this can add to the glare off the computer screen.

If you’re one of 100 million people who suffer daily from dry eyes, The Krishna Eye Centre, Mumbai offers comfort and relief with a variety of treatment options. People who suffer from dry eyes include those who : 
  • Wear contact lenses, especially for prolonged periods of time
  • Are taking medications such as antihistamines or birth control pills
  • Are over 50, especially women going through menopause
  • Have specific diseases such as Sjogren’s Syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis and collagen vascular disease
  • Have eyelids that don’t close properly due to structural abnormalities  
  • Live in dry climates
You don’t have to suffer from dry eyes any more. Ask our eye doctor for getting proper treatment at affordable cost.

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