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Retinal Surgery in India

Retinal Detachment :

Retina is said to be a layer inside the eye which is light sensitive in nature. This is the layer which sends the visual messages to the brain through optic nerve. The retina is said to be detached when it is pulled or lifted from its normal position. Even vision loss can be caused due to retinal detachment if it is not treated properly.

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Types Of Retinal Detachment :

There are mainly 3 Types of retinal detachments. They are

  • Rhegmatogenous
  • Trectional
  • Exudative

Rhegmatogenous :

This is the most common type of retinal detachment. This is caused when a break or tear in the retina leads the fluid to get settled under the retina causing retinal detachment. Here retina get detached from its nourishing layer which contains a retinal pigment called as epithelium.

Tractional :

This is the less seen detachment. In this retinal detachment, the scar causes the retina's surface to contract, leading to detachment.

Exudative : 

This the the detachment which is caused due to retinal diseases including inflammatory disorders and trauma. This detachment is caused by the leaking of the fluid to the area under the retina. But there will not be any tears or breaks in the retina.

Risk Factors or Causes of Retinal Detachment :

There is no age for retinal detachment. It can be caused in any age. But there is more risk to happen in people who is aged more than 40.

The other causes includes,

  • People who are highly short sighted.
  • Having a family background of retinal detachment.
  • People who have undergone a cataract surgery in the past.
  • Having another eye diseases.
  • An early eye injury.

Symptoms of Retinal Detachment :

The main symptoms of retinal detachment includes

  • Appearance of floaters in the vision.
  • Light Flashes appearing in the vision.
  • Narrowing of vision.

Treatment :

  • At the early stages, small tears or holes can be treated by using lasik surgery and cryopexy.
  • Another option for retinal detachment is retinal surgery which requires the patient to stay in the hospital. 

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