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Glaucoma Treatment in Mumbai

Glaucoma is an eye disease which will cause blindness. Around 2% of people in this world are suffering from this disorder.
Glaucoma is a disease that damages your eye’s optic nerve. It usually happens when fluid builds up in the front part of the eye. The extra fluid formed will increase the pressure of the eye and damage the optic nerve. When glaucoma develops, it doesn’t show any early symptoms. The diseases progress slowly and steal our vision very gradually.

Glaucoma usually occurs when pressure in our eye increases. The pressure increases because the eye fluid called aqueous humor isn’t circulating normally in the front part of the eye. Normally this fluid flows out through a mesh like channel. If this channel becomes blocked, fluids build up that cause glaucoma. It can be inherited that means it is passed from parents to children. Glaucoma usually occurs in both eyes, but it may involve each eye to a different extent.

  • Appearance of coloured rings around light
  • Pain and redness in eyes
  • Gradual darkness at outer edge of vision
  • Heaviness or headache

  • Open Angle Glaucoma - it occurs when the trabecular meshwork of the eye gradually becomes less efficient at draining fluid
  • Normal Tension Glaucoma - in this eye pressure is consistently below 21 mmHg, but optic nerve damage and loss of vision still occur
  • Closed Angle Glaucoma -  it happens when someone’s iris is very close to the drainage angle in their eye. The iris can end up blocking the drainage angle. The blocking of drainage angle will increase the eye pressure quickly
  • Congenital Glaucoma -  it is a rare type of glaucoma that develops in infants and young children and can be inherited.
  • Secondary Glaucoma - that results from another eye condition or diseases. For example, someone who had an eye injury, or had a tumor may develop secondary glaucoma.
  • Glaucoma Suspect -  people having normal eye pressure but their optic nerve or visual field looks suspicious for glaucoma

Glaucoma is discovered during the routine eye checkup. 
Different tests used to monitor the progression of glaucoma includes :

  • Tonometry : measure intraocular pressure
  • Gonioscopy : view the optic nerve changes
  • Pachymetry : to check the corneal thickness
  • Perimetry / Visual Field Test : to map the field of vision of each eye
  • OCT(Optical Coherence Tomography ) : to calculate the retinal nerve fibre layer thickness and loss in early stage of glaucoma

The treatment options that we provides are:

  • Medication : This includes eye drops have to be used as advised by the doctor. This rather decrease the formation of eye fluid.
  • Surgery :  It is the last option when eye drops can no longer control the intraocular pressure

Krishna Eye Centre will provide a complete workup package for Glaucoma Treatment in Mumbai. We provide highly sophisticated treatment procedures to meet the patient’s expectations. Our mission is to provide high standard eye care treatments at affordable cost.

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