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High Quality Squint Treatment at Affordable cost in Mumbai

 What is Squint?

Squint is an eye disorder which results in the misalignment of eyes. Due to this problem both the eyes will not look like the same. Because of this there will occur other serious problems also. This may vary in accordance with the individuals. Now a days this disorder became common in children, but it is also seen in adults.

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Squint in Children

Squint is now mostly seen in children

  • Squint in children is considerable only if the child is more than 2 months since the eyes of a newborn baby is rarely aligned during the first 2 months.
  • Squint damages the vision of the child.
  • Squint have to be treated at its early stage itself, otherwise it leads to losing of vision.
  • If the child grows with squint then regaining of lost vision become difficult.

What Leads to Squint?

The factors that may leads to Squint are

  • In some cases squint may occurs without any reasons.
  • Sometimes squint may occur hereditary.
  • Some infections in eyes may cause squint.
  • Other disorders like retinal diseases, tumors, glaucoma, cataract and optic nerve  diseases may sometimes leads to squint.
  • Due to weakening of eye muscles this misalignment takes place.
  • One of the major reason for squint is the abnormal impulses received by the eye muscles.
  • This may be also caused because of refractive errors.

Symptoms of Squint

The Symptoms shown by the effected persons are

  • Misalignment of the eyes.
  • Sometimes the effected ones will close the effected eye on looking to the sunlight.
  • In the case of children, they tilt and turn their heads for co-ordinating the vision through both eyes.
  • Double vision is another symptom shown by the effected persons in some cases.

Treatment for Squint

Squint can be treated according to the way of happening.

  • In some cases Squint will be due to refractive errors. In such case Non-surgical Treatment like use of spectacles is enough.
  • In other cases Surgical Treatment is suggested, which includes 3 steps : Vision Regaining, Alignment of Eyes, Binocular vision rectification.

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